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Rocky Mitolo


I have been lifting weights for both physique enhancement and sports performance since 7th grade & never looked back. I was always the small or scrawny kid growing up, and being a child of the 80's I aspired to have a physique like the action movie or comic heroes. I began competing as a drug free bodybuilder in 2012, and started personal training other's as well as coaching physique athletes in 2013. I have helped a wide variety of people reach amazing physique goals, form single working mothers, to college students, to full time work & family men. As my journey continues down the road of health and well being, I have taken a more internal approach towards getting people to their fitness goals with focusing on overall wellness. Starting with nutrition & mobility plans to get people feeling their best, and then from there we work together to get them looking their best as well. I stay up to date with the latest published research in the fields of health, wellness, nutrition, fat loss, and muscle & strength gain. I use this information along with my 5+ years of experience to build programs with my clients, that not only will get them to their goals, but also tailored to their lifestyle so that fitness ca become part of their life, not a daily chore.

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