Living a healthy life extends beyond ourselves.  We are committed to causes that impact neighbors in our local community.  Mesh donates 100% of net proceeds from retail sales to local non-profit organizations, including NC4K, an organization caring for pediatric cancer families.

Beyond financial support, our staff and membership base engages in the community by giving of their time, talent, and resources.


Mesh Fitness is proud to partner with local businesses to improve the health and wellness of our customers and greater community.


  • Bridge Park Apartments has partnered with Mesh to provide access to Mesh facilities. Through this partnership, every apartment receives one free membership to Mesh Fitness.
  • If your community – apartments, HOA, or local businesses – are interested in developing a partnership with Mesh, please contact us at:


  • Harbor Yoga and Mesh Fitness have partnered to provide a complete fitness solution that includes reciprocal access to yoga, Mesh zone classes, and facilities.  Through this partnership, we offer Mesh members affordable access to the highest quality yoga instruction in Dublin.


  • We are actively pursuing partnerships in the area.  If you are interested in partnering, please contact us at

Health and Wellness Employer Programs

We have partnered with the Dublin Chamber of Commerce to provide local businesses a discounted Health and Wellness Program, offering savings to both employees and employers.  With memberships starting as low as $10/month per employee, it’s an incredibly affordable program for businesses of all sizes.  Entry level memberships provide cardio, strength and locker room access from 5AM-9PM.  Additionally, potential annual insurance premium reductions may be offered through your healthcare providers.  Best of all, 10% of the membership fees are donated to the “Dublin Chamber Civic Foundation,” which funds scholarships and programs in Dublin City Schools.  Simply fill out the below contact information, and we will contact you with more details.

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