Fitness is a RIGHT, not a LUXURY

Best value in fitness

State-of-the-art equipment, live data tracking, 6 different zone workouts under one roof, great personal training, and all for about 50% less than anyone else.  

6 gyms under one roof

In addition to standard gym offerings of cardio and strength equipment, Mesh Fitness features studio class experiences—called zones—that provide variety and keep you motivated. Utilize cutting edge technology to measure every step, every pedal, and every heart beat in real time, because we know PRs are not just for people on TV.

Community focused

We believe that lives are better in community.This applies to fitness and everyday life. That is why we make Mesh Fitness affordable for everyone, encourage team workouts, partner with local industry to establish health and wellness programs, and donate 100% of  net retail proceeds to local charities, supporting children in need.

Meet the Best Team in Fitness


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